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Bis phenethyl ether

Epa substance registry services ( tsca) :. chemical- specific summaries of the information used to derive unit risk and cancer potency values. spectrabase compound id: azpn2zt7kj2: bis phenethyl ether inchi:. see more results. safety references: epi system: view. the brief profile is automatically generated; note that it does not currently distinguish between.

06ea 166 sgd alfal18481. mdl number mfcd02173902. dg sante food flavourings: 03. it is synthesized by a modification of the williamson ether synthesis, here the reaction of phenol and bromobenzene in the presence of base and a catalytic amount of copper : phona + phbr → phoph + nabr. sigma- aldrich offers a number of bis( 2- chloroethyl) bis phenethyl ether ether products. some substance identifiers may have been. bis ( chloromethyl) ether is an organic compound with the chemical formula ( ch 2 cl) 2 o. there is a newer version of this article john p.

i am interested in preparing bis( 2- chloroethyl) ether, or 2, 2' - dichlorodiethyl ether ( cas#. 0% ( hplc, t) < br / > form: crystal. 006 2- methoxyethyl benzene. the substance identifiers displayed in the infocard are the best available substance name, ec number, cas number and/ or the molecular and structural formulas. if you submit this form, please be aware that your name and e- mail may be provided to third parties. laboratory chemical safety summary ( lcss) datasheet. more information about bis ( 2- chloroethyl) ether. bis[ ( s) - 1- phenylethyl] ether. it is a colourless liquid with an unpleasant suffocating odour and it is one of the chloroalkyl ethers. bis( 2- chloroethyl) ether, 2, 2' - dichlorodiethyl ether, 2, 2' - dichloroethyl ether colorless liquid with a chlorinated solvent- like odor. bis ( chloromethyl) ether is used in industry as an alkylating agent, a chemical intermediate, a monitoring indicator for the presence of chloromethyl ether, and as a laboratory reagent.

log octanol- water partition coef ( src) : log kow ( kowwin v1. 52 ( mean or weighted mp) vp( mm hg, 25 deg c) : 1. view information & documentation regarding bis( 2- dicyclohexylphosphinophenyl) ether, including cas, structure & more. consumers with specific questions regarding a business’ decision to provide a warning should contact the business.

bis( chloromethyl) ether is an organic compound with the chemical formula ( ch2cl) 2o. diphenethyl ether. limited health effects information is available on bis phenethyl ether this chemical. the brief profile summarizes the non- confidential data on substances as it is held in the databases of the european chemicals agency ( echa), including data provided by third parties. buy high purity bis( 2- phenoxyethyl) ether analytical standards from chem service inc. 23 ( adapted stein & brown method) melting pt ( deg c) : 104. predicted data is generated using the us environmental protection agency’ s episuite™. fda: no longer provide for the use of these seven synthetic flavoring substances. purchasing it is expensive and would most likely put me on a cwc watchlist, due to its similarity with the infamous sulfur mustard. 95 / > purity/ analysis method: > 97.

the main application of diphenyl ether is as a eutectic mixture with biphenyl, used as a heat transfer medium. 135757 da; chemspider id 71565; bis phenethyl ether more details: systematic name ( 2. recommendation for phenethyl isopropyl ether usage levels up to: 5. bis[ ( 2- diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether view entire compound with free spectra: 4 nmr, 2 ftir, and 1 raman. there is a newer version of this article. see full list on thegoodscentscompany. view information & documentation regarding bis( 2- chloroethyl) ether, including cas, msds & more. oehha is subject to the california public records act and other laws that require the release of certain information upon request. molecular formula. 1 structures expand this section. linear formula ( ch3) 2c [ c6h4( och2ch2) noh] 2.

epa actor: toxicology data. the major effect from acute ( short- term) inhalation exposure to. * please select more than one item to compare. bis ( 2- diphenylphosphinophenyl) ether.

fda mainterm ( satf) : ; methyl phenethyl ether. inhalation slope factor ( mg/ kg- day) - 1: 2. since taytonn has been distributing key ingredients to the fragrance and flavor industry in asia. 2604; iupac standard inchi:. recommendation for phenethyl isopropyl ether flavor usage levels up to: not for flavor use. which is the best application for diphenyl ether? compound bis( 2- phenoxyethyl) etherwith free spectra: 2 nmr, and 2 ftir. molecular formula c 12 h 18 o; average mass 178. oral slope factor ( mg/ kg- day) - 1: 2. such a mixture is well- suited for heat transfer applications because of the relatively large temperature range of its liquid state. product ( s) : ethyl phenethyl ether.

85e- 005 ( modified grain method. 67 estimate) = 3. bis( chloroethyl) ether is an organic compound with the formula o( ch 2 ch 2 cl) 2. 2- phenethyl phenyl ether. chemischer informationsdienst 1975, 6 ( 26). bis( chloromethyl) ether is a colorless, flammable, carcinogenic liquid with an extremely suffocating odor. bis ( chloroethyl) ether is an organic compound with the formula o ( ch 2 ch 2 cl) 2. the small quantities that are produced are only used in enclosed systems to make other chemicals.

material safety data sheet bis( chloromethyl) ether schazard alert code key: extreme high moderate low section 1 - chemical product and company identification. fema number: 3198 methyl phenethyl ether. formula: c 14 h 14 o; molecular weight: 198. air toxics hot spots program technical support document for cancer potencies. com has been visited by 10k+ users in the past month. bis( chloromethyl) ether is used in industry as an alkylating agent, a chemical intermediate, a monitoring indicator for the presence of chloromethyl ether, and as a laboratory reagent. 53 boiling pt, melting pt, vapor pressure estimations ( mpbpwin v1. 2 matches found for bis( 2- bromoethyl. search term: " bis( 2- bromoethyl) ether" compare products: select up to 4 products. diphenyl ether and many of its properties were first reported as early as 1901. bis ( 2- ethoxyethyl) ether.

bcme, chloromethyl ether, bis- cme, dichlorodimethyl ether, dichloromethyl ether, oxybis( chloromethane) cas no. we fully understand the demands of the f& f industry and we endeavour to supply quality products, with ready availability and a personalised service. bis( alpha- phenylethyl) ether | c16h18o | cidstructure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological. find & order diethyl ether from certified suppliers with immediate availabilities. expertise on every level to craft science & technology solutions in life science. it is a colorless liquid with the odor of a chlorinated solvent. pubchem substance id. find similar structures. cheminform abstract: epimerization of bis( alpha- phenylethyl) ether and 2- octyl- alpha- phenylethyl ether. however, small quantities of bis( chloromethyl) ether may be formed as an impurity during the production of another chemical, chloromethyl methyl ether. 0000 % in the fragrance concentrate.

bis ( chloromethyl) ether was once produced on a large scale, but was found to be highly carcinogenic and thus such production has ceased. bis‐ [ 2‐ ( diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether ( dpe‐ phos) this is an outdated version. it is an ether with two 2- chloroethyl substituents. chemical intermediate in production of pesticides; solvent, rust inhibitor. cas: synonyms: bis[ 4, 4' - bis( diethylamino) benzhydryl] ether cas number: molecular formula: c42h58n4o molecular weight: 634. the ‘ substance identity’ section is calculated from substance identification information from all echa databases. why is bis used as an alkylating agent? butyl phenethyl ether. 271 da; monoisotopic mass 178. where does bis ( chloromethyl ) ether come from? alfa chemistry offers bis( 2- dicyclohexylphosphinophenyl) ether for experimental / research use.

involving similar reactions, diphenyl ether is a significant. bis [ 2- ( diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether purity: > 98. bis ( 2- ethoxyethyl) ether - brief profile - echa. synonyms: bis( 2- diphenylphosphinophenyl) ether, 2, 2' - bis( diphenylphosphino) diphenyl ether, dpephos, ( oxydi- 2, 1- phenylene) bis( diphenylphosphine) alfal18481. comments/ references: oehha. what is the chemical formula for bis ether? only small quantities of bis( chloromethyl) ether are produced in the united states. how to detect phenethyl methyl ether, 2- formula: c9h12o | cas:. benzene, 1, 1' - oxybis( ethyl- benzene, 1, 1' - oxybis[ ethyl.

bis( ethylphenyl) ether. molecular weight: 226. university of michigan. average m n ~ 492, eo/ phenol 3. supplying asia pacific. this substance is irritating to eyes and mucous membranes and emits toxic vapors of hydrochloric acid and other chlorinated compounds when heated to decomposition. bis ( 2- chloroethyl) ether. 42) : boiling pt ( deg c) : 353. dichloroethyl ether ( bis( 2- chloroethyl) etherhazard summary dichloroethyl ether is mainly used as a chemical intermediate in industry. join the nº1 b2b online marketplace for chemicals in europe and start ordering now!

bis ( 2- methoxyethyl) ether. other names: 2- phenylethyl phenyl ether permanent link for this. synonyms: 2- methoxyethylbenzene, 2- methoxyethylbenzene, chrysanthemum oxide, 2- phenyl ethyl methyl ether, kedwa ether, kewda ether, 1- methoxy- 2- phenyl ethane, 2- methoxyethyl benzene, ( 2- methoxyethyl) benzene, methyl 2- phenethyl ether, methyl phenethyl ether, methyl phenethyl oxide, methyl phenyl ethyl ether, pandanol.

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